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Outreach and Public Perception

Outreach extends information to the public and stakeholders to expand their awareness of topics of concern and ensure informed public participation. It plays an educational role by raising awareness of concepts and technologies, as well as their associated benefits and risks to communities of interest. In the case of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), outreach involves sharing research, capabilities, innovations, accomplishments, and lessons learned to enhance understanding and resolve uncertainties. It informs a full spectrum of decision-makers who may be considering CCUS deployment as a mitigation option in the face of climate change and energy concerns. It highlights how expert stakeholder collaboration on coordinated projects can advance deployment of CCUS by improving technologies and identify savings through shared efforts and knowledge gained.

Whether local, regional, national, or international in scope, outreach offers opportunities for early engagement in conversations about the CCUS concept in general and CCUS project-specific issues in particular. By encouraging proactive communication, outreach encourages consideration of the multiple points of view of affected parties and dialog among them that facilitates learning through clearer articulation of concerns and understanding of problems.

PNNL's specific outreach and public perception activities involve shared CCUS research projects, stakeholder engagement, and education of the public and the future CCUS workforce. An example of the thoughtful feedback that can be received from engaging stakeholders can be viewed in this video, which discusses the Wallula carbon storage project.

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