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Staff Expertise

A diverse team of scientists, engineers, technicians and projects managers are advancing geological carbon storage research at PNNL, providing expertise on various domains from basic research at the molecular scale to industrial-scale injection test sites.

Diana Bacon
Multiphase Flow and Transport/Numerical Modeling
Alain Bonneville
Geophysicist/Carbon Sequestration Initiative
Chris Brown
Risk Assessment/NRAP
Tyler Gilmore
FutureGen 2.0 Field Project
John Loring
Pete McGrail
Geochemistry/Wallula Field Project
Mart Oostrom
Multiphase Flow and Transport/Micromodels
Kevin Rosso
Todd Schaef
Tim Scheibe
Multiphase Flow and Transport/Numerical Modeling
Mark White
Multiphase Flow and Transport/Numerical Modeling
Vis lab

Technical Capabilities

Analytical tools

Unique experimental capabilities at PNNL promote better understanding of chemical reactions of supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) with rocks under high pressure and temperature—the same conditions that exist in deep subsurface reservoirs. These capabilities are made available to others through the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a national scientific user facility sponsored by the Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research and located at PNNL. EMSL provides integrated experimental and computational resources for discovery and technological innovation in the environmental molecular sciences to support the needs of DOE and the nation. Using one-of-a-kind EMSL instrumentation modified for carbon storage experimentation, researchers probe geochemical reactions under supercritical pressures and temperatures.

Modeling and management tools

Monitoring tools

  • PNNL has adapted innovative monitoring tools from Hanford remediation research for application to geological carbon storage. See PNNL's Geophysical Methods webpage for examples.

Geological Carbon Storage Research at PNNL

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